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The BBB has zero information about this company other than it’s been a member since 2009 and agrees to abide by their rules.

We found these reviews on Yelp:gold-bullion

“This is a delayed reaction review – I bought gold from there over two years ago – went to resell some of it today, and it was worth half of what they sold it to me (as prices have not gone down, only up a bit since I bought it) – meaning Capital Gold group took 30-50% over wholesale – the guy who bought my gold told me that there are other companies who only take $30-40 over price point – this company is a ripoff unless you want to pay at least 30-50% commission.


Capital Gold did answer them with this:

“We value your concerns and apologize for any inconveniences, however do not show you as a customer in our database.  If you would kindly provide your full name and/or client code, we will immediately address this matter.  Thank you.”

Just answering the complaint does show some customer service savvy!

A few more from Yelp:

I am happy to report that after watching CNBC’s nightly finance news show, Fast Money, I found Capital Gold Group.

After sitting down with my husband on a conference call with our new gold specialist, a light bulb came on over our heads.  Right away we realized that we shouldn’t have waited so long.

Before speaking to a gold specialist, I had never really considered owning gold as an option.  My financial advisor has always advised me to invest in the stock market, repeatedly swearing that it was the only way to go, but  after 2008 and the way things are unfolding again these days, we are now secure in the fact that we own something tangible that has survived everything from the fall of the roman empire to WWII.

The representatives are extremely knowledgeable and made the process an easy & comfortable one, from start to finish.

We have already received our metals from our first transaction and are more than pleased with the quality and prices.  We are also in the midst of finalizing a more substantial position as a legacy for our grandchildren.

Highly recommended.

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  • John P.

San Antonio, TX


I got the items I asked for at the price I was promised. The prices CGG offers may be more than others, but they also offer various securities as part of the value. Do your reaserch, buy precious metals now, and hopefully CGG will be for you. Besides, they have great incentive programs 🙂

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  • K.P. P.

West Hollywood, CA


We love CGG!   Years ago we looked into the idea of investing in precious metals.  They were the easiest to deal with.  They were upfront about everything, had the best BBB rating and gave us the best advice on how to safely invest.  Luckily we started with them before the economy went haywire.  Because of their advice a large amount of our retirement dollars are still safe and saw more growth than I could have ever anticipated.  They have been giving us great tips lately as gold is expected to go up substantially over the next 5 years.

Comment from Lara B. of Capital Gold Group 2/2/2011

We appreciate your loyalty and trust and love hearing…
Photo of Josephine M.
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  • Josephine M.

San Diego, CA


I’ve researched a few gold companies, and I can honestly say I am pleased with the way Capital Gold Group has treated me.  I never felt pressured.  My coins were delivered to me securely and in a short matter of time.  This company doesn’t mess around.  My Gold Specialist was direct, honest, and gave me a clear understanding of what to expect and how to monitor the growth of my gold portfolio.





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