Oct 242014

They don’t have to pull away unless there is some kind of pressure.


Single men with money really have it made.

They can play the field as long as they want then when they’re done scratching that itch, they’ll settle down with one of the last women they’ve been seeing.If they’re halfway decent looking, the number of women willing to check him out is astounding. And unless they’re the second coming, they don’t stand a shoWhy men pull away after why do men pull away after sex, why do men pull away after intimacyt unless he is ready to settle down.

What drives him away, no matter how good you were in the sack was the pressure he felt, intended or not, that made him feel claustrophobic, tied down and looking for the first excuse to either get away from you or not calling you back or answering your calls. Believe me; you’ll be calling the second you don’t hear from him, mistake number 2.

A man wants what he can’t have. And that’s exactly why, no matter how much money he throws around, no matter how charming or handsome he is, never, ever give it up to a wealthy man on the first few dates. The longer you can hold him off, the more time you’ll have to hook this guy so when you finally accept his tubular meat stick into your money hungry bun, he’ll keep coming back.

You see, time does something between 2 people, can be both good or bad. A relationship without sex allows the parties to learn something about each other. It allows the relationship to develop as it should. Not wham, bam thank you, mam, on to the next.


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